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Intermittent Wiper Module Ford pt#13015

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This module was designed specifically for the '67 and '68 Mustangs, but also works with the '69 - '73 Mustangs and many other models from that era (fits the '66 - '67 Bronco, too).  Now your classic Ford can include this feature.  AND it does so while allowing you to keep your stock switch so the interior continues to look original.  Works with the stock washer mechanism as well.

Works with Ford vehicles with the factory two-speed wiper switch and motor.  This module installs between the switch and harness.  Three intermittent settings as well as the stock-slow and stock-fast settings become available.

Will NOT fit the '65-'66 Mustang.  Coming soon...

No need to change your stock switch or stock motor.  Just wire in this module behind the dash, between the switch and harness.

"How are you able to use the stock switch and motor?" you ask?  Obviously, we can't use the switch in the typical manner with each position being a unique delay setting or speed.  Our module contains a microprocessor running software which uses the switch's three positions to sequence through a series of modes.  We like to describe these modes as "rungs of a ladder".  Each rung is a delay setting or a wiper speed.  The lowest rung of the latter is the longest delay (about once every 8 seconds).  The next rung up is the next shorter delay (about once every 5 seconds).  The third rung up is the shortest delay (about once every three seconds) with the fourth rung being a continuous (stock slow) speed.  The highest rung is the stock fast setting.  The stock switch has three positions.  Leaving the switch in the middle position (normally the stock slow speed setting) tells the software to stay at your current rung of the ladder.  Moving the switch briefly to the fast setting and back to the middle position tells the software to move up one rung.  Moving the switch briefly to the off setting and back to the middle tells the software to move down one rung.  Need a shorter delay? Just move the switch to the fast postion and back to the middle position to move up one rung of the ladder.  You can instantly move up to the top of the ladder by leaving the switch in the fast setting and you can instantly move to the bottom of the ladder by leaving the swich in the off position.  

Vintage Car Radio proudly presents the Intermittent Wiper Module that's specifically designed for 1967 and 1968 Mustangs, but is also compatible with 1969 - 1973 Mustangs.It also fits both 1966 and 1967 Bronco, plus various other automobiles also manufactured in that time era. You too can have such a handy feature added to your classic Ford car. Doing so while permitting you to keep the original switch in order to maintain its original appeal. Which is also compatible with the stock device. Our intermittent wiper module is compatible with most Ford cars equipped with a manufacturer built speed switch and engine.You're not required to change your motor or switch and can be wired behind its dash, between the switches and harness.
"How is it possible to use the switch and motor?" Unfortunately it does NOT fit the 1965 or 1966 Mustang, but should be available in the near future. Due to the delay setting or speed this particular switch cannot be utilized in the typical fashion. This wiper module has a microprocessors that uses the switch's 3 positions in order to process through a series of processes.We like to refer to the modes as "rungs of a ladder. Which are equipped with a delay option or a speed for individual rungs. With the highest having a delay of at least once every eight seconds and the middle ladder step being delayed every five seconds. With its highest setting being referred to as the stock fast and has 3 settings. Keeping its switch in the middle position helps to maintain its current setting. Do you desire a shorter display? Then simply set switch in the fast position and back to the middle position in order to move it up one step of the ladder.

 As you can see, Vintage Car Radio's Module is an effective piece of equipment to have for your vintage car.

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