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1970-1972 Chevelle / El Camino Dashboard Plug & Chug (Non SS)

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Product Description

 1970-1972 Chevelle/ El Camino Dashboard Plug & Chug (Non SS)


  • Fits model years: All non-SS models from years 1970 - 72
  • Item Code: GMCVL7072PC
  • Models: Chevelle/El Camino (non SS)
  • Two standard size drink holders
  • Fits into dashboard ashtray tracks
  • Be sure you do not have an SS model Chevelle if you order this item

Do you own a Chevelle or El Camino between the years of 1970 to 1972? The Chevelle was the base frame for numerous vehicle counterparts in these years including the Nomad, Greenbrier, Malibu, Concours and Concours Estate. 1972 also marks the year that ends the most popular era of Chevells for car collectors. Strong re-styling in 1973 turned collectors off to the model. Some of these lines of Chevelle were available in Supersport or “SS” versions, however this product is not meant for that specific line of Chevelles.


The Dashboard Plug and Chug Drink Holder is designed for use in Chevy Chevelle or El Camino between the NON - SS model years of 1970 and 1972. This after market cup holder upgrade adds two standard size drink holders by fitting directly into dashboard ash tray tracks, replacing the ashtray itself


There is so little to lose with this cost effective upgrade and so much to gain. Ashtrays are nothing but traps for pennies and garbage, while adding cup holders is not only beneficial for the obvious purpose of holding your drinks, but it’s clear that for most people they are secondary holders for things like cell phones, MP3 players or even GPS navigation systems too!


Remember: The product on this page was created for use only in Chevrolet Chevelles or El Caminos NON - SS model years 1970 - 1972. Whether this is a fit for your vehicle and you want to visit other options, or if you need to find a product that will properly fit your vehicle, please refer to the sidebar on this website. There you will find an easy to

navigate list of makes and models along with the hundreds of products we have to improve these classic and late model cars.


Features at a glance:

*Two standard size drink holders

*Instant installation

*Instant removal

*No alterations necessary

*No tools necessary

*Restoration grade vinyl

*Product built proudly in the United States of America


This product is available only in standard black vinyl, however special color orders can be made upon request. We understand how important a good looking, color matching interior is to car enthusiasts.


Directions to secure the Dashboard Plug and Chug Drink

1) Remove old ash tray drawer

2) Slide in the Plug and Chug Drink Holder completely

3) Enjoy!


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