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Chevy El Camino Console & Cup Holder (Floor Style)

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Product Description

Chevy El Camino Console & Cup Holder (Floor Style)

Floor Chevy El Camino Console, with Cup Holders and Storage Compartment.
Our El Camino Floor Console is designed to fit on the transmission hump for most years of the El Camino without floor shifters.

  • Two King Size chrome trim drink holders.
  • Felt-lined Storage compartment with flip lid
  • Bendable Mounting Bracket to fit securely on transmission hump.
  • Vinyl map/registration holder under padded top.
  • Variety of colors to choose from to match your interior.
  • The low profile of the console allows it to fit under the dash of most El Caminos. The flip lid storage compartment is the perfect place to store CD's, keys and other items you want to keep out of sight.

The consoles fits securely to the center hump with bendable metal mounting brackets and gripper material to prevent tipping like cheap consoles in the past.

Available in over 30 colors to match either your upholstery or carpet color.

Proudly made in the U.S.A.

If you are still out driving a Chevy El Camino, you could definitely use an upgrade. And though you have thousands of possibilities, this product is an inexpensive way to make a big impact on the interior of your car.


The “Low-Rider console” comes complete with two KING size drink holders, a storage compartment with lid, and a convenient storage pouch for things like sun glasses, pens, cell phones etc. The Low-Rider storage compartment is sized to hold several CDs, cassette tapes, phones, MP3 players or Street maps if you choose. It is available in over 30 different colors to match that custom paint job you love so much.


Just like your El Camino is ready for anything, being a mix of car and truck, yet sleek, this product is sleek and adaptable to almost any model. Underneath the “Low-Rider console” are two aluminum coated plates that are curved to accommodate most

transmission humps. They can be easily adjusted (bent), and if unneeded, these aluminum plates can easily be removed.


Features at a glance:

*Chrome trimmed cup holders

*Felt-lined storage compartment

*Chrome handle on storage compartment

*Universal mounting bracket

*Easy installation

*Storage sleeve on lid

*Registration/Insurance or map hideaway under lid

*Fits easily onto transmission hump of most late model vehicles

*Available in colors to match any custom paint

*Product built proudly in the United States of America


Because this product is extremely adjustable to many circumstances, it is almost certainly a good fit for your vintage El Camino, however please check the dimensions of your vintage El Camino’s transmission hump to make sure you choose a product that will satisfy your desires.



Length: 17 inches

Width (across cup holders): 11 inches

Width (across storage compartment): 8 inches

Height (to top of the armrest pad): 5 inches

Height (to top of the cup holders): 6 inches


Comes with:

1) Large Drink Holders

2) Storage Compartment

3) Arm Rest

4) Adjustable Mounting Bracket


Directions to install Floor Style Console:

1) Measure width of transmission hump in the front of your vehicle below the dash

2) Bend installation brackets to measured width

3) Place Low Rider Console on top of the transmission hump

4) Re-adjust brackets if the Low Rider Console does not fit snuggly in place

5) Brackets can be completely removed if the Low Rider Console fits without them


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