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Dodge Truck Console & Cup Holder, Floor Style

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Product Description

Dodge Truck Console & Cup Holder, Floor Style

Product Description:

The Low-Rider Console

You asked for a console to fit your classic car transmission hump, but not just any console. Here it is! The “Low-Rider Console.” The Low-Rider Console is designed to fit the transmission hump for the ‘50s ‘60s and ‘70s cars from General Motors, Ford Motor Company, as well as Chrysler Corporation.
The “Low-Rider Console” comes complete with two KING size drink holders, a storage compartment with lid, and a convenient storage pouch for things like sun glasses, pens, cell phones etc. The LOW-RIDER CONSOLE storage compartment is sized to hold several CDs, cassette tapes or Street maps if you choose.  

The LOW-RIDER CONSOLE has a unique feature that allows it to fit several different size transmission humps no matter which type of car you drive. Underneath the “LOW RIDER CONSOLE” are two aluminum coated plates that are curved to accommodate narrow transmission humps on some of the ’60s GM and Ford cars. These aluminum coated plates can be easily adjusted (bent) to conform to just about any automobile transmission hump. If not needed these Aluminum plates can easily be removed.
The “Low-Rider Console” dimensions are:

 11” wide at the drink holders   17 “ overall length and    8” wide at the storage area.


You are welcome to customize your “Low-Rider Console” like we did using your favorite decal logos,  like Ford, GM, and Dodge as well as the American Flag these decal logos are available  at many auto Parts stores nationwide.

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