Vintage Car RadioModern Radios to Fit Original Classic Car Dash Openings


Over 400 Vehicle Makes and Models
Available with Eight Superior Radio Choices!


Vintage Car


About Us

Everybody loves restoring their dream car from yesterday.
Body & upholstery shops and just about anything you need
can be found in the yellow pages... Our product is Unique! Vintage look radios with new technology!


What about the Radio?

Our quality radios have the appearance of the factory original that came with your car, but with today's electrics. Imagine having the original “factory” look with CD changer convenience, along with speakers that fit in the original space, giving you the sound quality you are accustomed to in todays modern vehicles.


What do we sell?

We are proud to carry a full line of radios; the Model 2 Radio from Retrosound and the Newport Din 1.5 Radio are just a few great choices we offer. We have radios that you can enjoy the music from a CD player, iPod®, Sirius/XM® satellite radio, cassette player, Blutooth, or a simple portable AM/FM radio. These radios look original by anyone's standards, but offer today's technology! We also carry an assortment of accessories and seatbelts for your vintage car



Please take a look and call us with any questions. Ask about package pricing.
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