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Corvair Console & Cup Holders
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 1960-1964 Corvair Bench Seat Console, Automatic Only 
 1960-1964 Corvair Bench Seat Console, Automatic Only 
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 1960-1964 Corvair floor hugger Console for Standard shift 
 1960-1964 Corvair floor hugger Console for Standard shift 
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 1965-1969 Corvair Console with Cup Holders, Humphugger 
 1965-1969 Corvair Console with Cup Holders, Humphugger 
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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 products) Result Pages:  1 

The Chevy Corvair got its name from a combination of Corvette and Bel Air, two other cars produced by Chevrolet. They are often remembered not for their speed, quality or styling, but rather for their dangerous reputation. These rear-engine cars were deemed to be unsafe at any speed by one report, though other sources found it no worse off than competitors. However, sometimes even negatives can work to build towards a classic legacy, and some truly love this car. Regardless of safety issues, they remain the first and only mass produce American model car to feature an air cooled rear end mounted engine.


The Corvair was made to compete with foreign model cars such as the Volkswagen Beatle that had begun gained American popularity, and was also a rear engine mounted

vehicle. Ultimately the Corvair which was made only from 1960 through 1969 was successful as the VW Beatle saw a major decline in sales during the 1960s.


This model was built on a platform to produce high sales numbers. It was offered in numerous body styles in order to accessible and desirable to any car buyer. Even the name reached both ends of the spectrum - from the two passenger, high performance, pure style Corvette, to the utility, popularity and legacy of the Bel Air. Its initial release model was offered a whopping seven body styles:

*2 door convertible

*2 door coupe

*4 door sedan

*4 door station wagon

*6 door van

*8 door van

*2 door pickup truck


Not surprisingly, the 2 door pickup truck body style was discontinued after one year. In the Corvair’s second generation only four body styles were offered:

*2 door convertible

*2 door hartop

*4 door hardtop

*6 door van


But because of extremely low sales, by 1967 these four body styles had been reduced to two, leaving only the two door versions. Even though this first release model was revieved Motor Trend’s Car Of The Year award, the true success was not what Chevrolet intended. Hoping for the vehicle to account for one fifth of their total sales, the car only amounted to 13% of sales at the end of 1960, and then found dramatic decreases in sales during the mid-second generation of model production in 1967.


A few minor upgrades make it nicely drivable. We have products for both the first generation from years 1960 through 1964 and the second generation from years 1965 through 1969. No matter what body style of Corvair you have, one of our products will be right for you and your vehicle. They are quick and easy to install, and can be removed just as easily in case you plan on showing off your vintage car at a car show.


Available center consoles and other upgrades:

*1960-1964 Corvair Bench Seat Console, Automatic Only

*1960-1964 Corvair floor hugger Console for Standard shift

*1965-1969 Corvair Console with Cup Holders, Humphugger


These up grades require no tools needed for installation, no permanent alterations to the vehicle, and allow for instant installation and removal.