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Revolution Electronics Deluxe Dome Light Dimmer PN:13007  $56.99 

Deluxe Dome Light Dimmer
(Part#13005 Shown a Pic.)

Deluxe Model Dome Light Dimmers:

    Controls a vehicle's dome light to add a theater lighting effect. Gradually turns the dome light on and fades the dome light off.
    Monitors the door switches and switched power line to control the dome light. When a door is opened, the dome light gradually brightens to full intensity. When a door is closed, the dome light remains on for up to 30 seconds then fades off.
    Monitors the switched power line to refine the experience. If the key is off, the dome light is held on for 30 seconds. If the key is on, the dome light fades off as soon as the door is closed. When the key is switched off, the dome light automatically turns on for 30 seconds.
    The standard Dome Light Dimmer is a nice addition to any car, but it has some limitations. For one, it has the same delay if the engine is on or off. The deluxe unit overcomes the limitations of the standard model and builds on its features.
    The Deluxe Dome Light Dimmer monitors switched power. If power is off, the dome light is kept on for 30 seconds after a door is shut. If the key is turned on, there is no delay - the dome light immediately fades off.
    The Deluxe Dome Light Dimmer also takes full control of the dome light. This allows us to add a “fade on” feature. Instead of the light instantly turning on, it “warms up” from off to on in about a second. Also, if someone should inadvertently leave a door ajar, the dome light will automatically turn off after 10 minutes to conserve battery power.
    Two styles are available, depending on how the dome light is activated. Part number 13005 is for vehicles where the door switch supplies a ground connection (most older cars including GMs from the ‘60s). Part number 13007 is for vehicles  where the door switch supplies a 12v connection (many newer cars with remote entry and ‘60s era Mustangs). If you are not sure which one you need, use a voltmeter to test the voltage on the dome light when the dome light is off. If the voltmeter shows battery voltage, then the door switch supplies the ground connection (so you need pn 13005). If, instead, the voltmeter shows 0V, the door switch supplies the 12v connection (so you need pn 13007).

PN 13007 (FoMoCo from 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's)

Tech Specs:

  • 2”x1.5”x1” plastic enclosure with mounting tabs.
  • Internal 7.5A resettable fuse
  • Delay period approximately 30 seconds when switched power off
  • Fade function fully compatible with LED dome lights (uses PWM to dim the lights)
  • Fully potted
  • 24 inch long, 18 gauge wires
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Simple five-wire installation
  • Made in USA

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