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Custom AutoSound USA-230 In Dash AM/FM 99

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Product Description

Custom AutoSound USA-230 In Dash AM/FM
Radios were invented many decades ago; nearly every household has the device for both entertainment and informational purposes. Over the years, many manufacturers have come up with different models that are designed for various uses. The devices vary in terms of size and key features, for example, some are small in size to fit various automobiles. One of the manufacturers who has been able to offer quality and a variety of the audio devices is Vintage Car Radios. One of the most fascinating creations includes the USA-230 model that has been customized to fit into a car with a smaller dash.
The dash of an Alpha Romeo vehicle is considerably smaller; Vintage Car Radios identified the need to come up with a classic product that can easily fit into the car. Considering the size of the size of the Alpha Romeo vehicle’s dashboard, most of the audio devices by various manufacturers would not fit properly. There is a need to modify the dash, and this involves extra costs to the car owner. The modifications would possibly distort the original design of the car. The USA-230 device is, therefore, the ultimate solution as compared to the other similar devices.
The device is customized to allow the users to connect their input devices in cases where they may choose to listen to external audio other than the AM-FM stereo. Other devices that are easily compatible with the radio include external MP3 players which allow the users to listen to their customized playlists. The devices also come with a digital clock that can be easily used. To ensure that the user enjoys uninterrupted radio sessions, the USA-230 device is fitted with a power antenna lead. One of the finest features of the device is the inclusion of an electronic tuner which enables the user to easily switch to their preferred channels.

This is the successor of the USA-630, and is a model which has been launched because of the humongous success of its ancestor. If you do not need a USB input or Bluetooth player then this is the model for your classic car or Streetrods. Punching in a power of around 200 watts the radio has a wonderful sound quality and comes along with an AUX input which can also support portable satellite radio devices. Along with these, it has features like 16 preset frequencies, electronic tuner and a digital clock and a powerful antenna lead. This model also is available in black and chrome bodies to add to the classic flavor. 




  • Stereo works on FM-AM mode
  • Voltage capacity of 200 Watts
  • Rear Auxiliary Input with the pin jack of 1/8’
  • Digitalized clock
  • Electronic tuner
  • Pre-sets of sixteen radio stations with 12 FM- 4 AM
  • Four channel pre-outs of RCA
  • Fader of four way
  • Powerful wireless antenna



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the depth of the Radio? 

The depth of USA-1 is around 7” whereas the depth of USA-630 and USA-230 is 6.5” respectively. 

 Will I be able to use my original knobs? 

Our radios come with a split shaft, whereas the original radios are of “D” shaft. If you want to use the original radios then you can remove the insert and then install the split shaft metal piece. 

Is there a harness available with the radio? 

Our radios come with a completely new wiring harness that can be easily connected with the vehicle’s electrical system. 

Is there a Faceplate available with the radio? 

We don’t provide a Faceplate with the radio. Our radios are mounted in the vehicle right from the backend of the dash. 

Where can I find the Auxiliary Input? 

You can find the RCA auxiliary input at the backend of all the radios. Cable has been included in the radio and we have focused on keeping the classic style of the radio upto the mark.

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