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Bluetooth® Interface for Custom Autosound CD Controller Radios 1

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Bluetooth® Interface for Custom Autosound CD Controller Radios
Car entertainment has vastly grown over the years. The last few years have seen new improvements in features and technologies to music systems in our vehicles. These techniques are incorporated to increase the luxury and sound quality in our cars. In the current world, AM/FM radios, CD players, and radio cassette are no longer optional to most car users. Most new vehicles are fixed with a radio and a CD player. Nowadays, car stereo systems come with numerous features, sizes, and options that one can choose from to accommodate their wants. Our company, Vintage car radio, has vast experience in selling, installing and repairing Bluetooth Interface Auto Sound CD controller Radios. Some of the crucial features that these particular controller radios possess are listed below.
One of the primary aspect that our gadgets boast of is that it enables the user to call freely using the Bluetooth capable phone directly. This benefit is achievable because the Bluetooth Auto sound CD controller radio comes with an adapter which is plugged into the CD changer port of the Auto sound radio.
Another reason why you should invest in our Bluetooth Auto sound CD controller Radio is that it enables the customer to listen to the music stored in their A2DP enabled Bluetooth gadgets. The stereo has a CD changer port on the control box of the Blue kit. Therefore, if one has a CD1 or CD changer single player, it is possible to use it together with the already plugged in adapter.
Also, there is an essential feature in our device. The primary control box is fitted with a 1.5-inch cord that is directed to the radio CD port. There is also a 6.5-inch cord that goes straight to the Bluetooth button and another 3.5-inch that runs from the Bluetooth button to the microphone.
Selecting the right Bluetooth® interface for Custom Auto sound CD controller radios has become hard due to the increasing number of features these units provide. It is essential to make sure that you are buying the best units for your usage. Therefore, consult our company to get the best prices and qualities for the above gadget.
Bluetooth® interface for Custom Autosound CD controller radios (USA-630, Secretaudio (SST & SRMS), USA-66). This adapter plugs into the CD changer port of your Custom Autosound radio and gives you the ability to do hands free calling from your Bluetooth capable phone.

Also listen to music stored on your A2DP enabled Bluetooth device. If you have a CD changer or CD1 single player you can still use it with the adapter plugged in (there is a CD changer port on the control box of the Bluekit).
Main control box has a 1.5' cord that goes to radio CD port, 6.5' cord to Bluetooth button and 3.5' cord from Bluetooth button to microphone. 

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