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Intermittent Wiper Module pt#13011

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Product Description

This module was designed specifically for the VW Bugs and Vans.  Now your classic VeeDub can include this feature.  AND it does so while allowing you to keep your stock switch so the interior continues to look original.  

Works with VW vehicles with the factory two-speed wiper switch and motor.  The module installs between the switch and harness.  Three intermittent settings as well as the stock-slow and stock-fast settings become available.  The 13011 module can operate at 6V or 12V and it works with the single speed motor, too (you won't get a fast speed setting when you use a single speed motor, but you can have the three intermittent settings and a continuous-on setting.)  

No need to change your stock switch or stock motor.  Just wire in this module behind the dash, between the switch and harness.

"How are you able to use the stock switch and motor?" you ask?  Obviously, we can't use the switch in the typical manner with each position being a unique delay setting or speed.  Our module contains a microprocessor running software which uses the switch's three positions to sequence through a series of modes.  We like to describe these modes as "rungs of a ladder".  Each rung is a delay setting or a wiper speed.  The lowest rung of the latter is the longest delay (about once every 8 seconds).  The next rung up is the next shorter delay (about once every 5 seconds).  The third rung up is the shortest delay (about once every three seconds) with the fourth rung being a continuous (stock slow) speed.  The highest rung is the stock fast setting.

The stock switch has three positions.  Leaving the switch in the middle position (normally the stock slow speed setting) tells the software to stay at your current rung of the ladder.  Moving the switch briefly to the fast setting and back to the middle position tells the software to move up one rung.  Moving the switch briefly to the off setting and back to the middle tells the software to move down one rung.  Need a shorter delay? Just move the switch to the fast position and back to the middle position to move up one rung of the ladder.  You can instantly move up to the top of the ladder by leaving the switch in the fast setting and you can instantly move to the bottom of the ladder by leaving the switch in the off position.  

The module is designed specifically for usage by vans and VW vehicles.Your Veedub includes this feature and can do this by allowing you to keep your so that it looks original in an interior.It functions with the VW vehicles and two spewed motor and wiper.It is installed between harness an switch. Available are three intermittent settings and slow and fast stock settings. At 6 volt up to 12 volt the module can operate properly and it runs quite well with motor speed.
You don't have to make a change of your switch and motor when using it.  All you need to do is to wire behind your dash. It should be between the harness and switch. So how is it possible for you to stock your motor, you may ask. This is how to go about it.  It is impossible to use it in a manner that is typical of levels being unique. A Module contends a microprocessor. It contains a program that uses areas comprising of sequences of a switch and through mode series, best described as "rung of a ladder".
Levels and rungs are the wiper speed and the settings of the delays. Delay where as highest stock has highest delay.  The second is next shorter, followed by third and finally fourth. A switch has three positions and when left in the central area the software will remain at the level similar to before When you run it briefly, back and forth, it moves up by one level. It runs down one level when moved to off setting and again to a central position. It can be moved in fast setting and again to the middle. Taking it to ladder top and bottom can be achieved by leaving it in fast level and off level respectively.




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