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Custom AutoSound Power Inverter 1

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Custom AutoSound Power Inverter

Will operate 12 volt negative ground accessories from 6,8 or 12 volt positive ground electrical systems. When used in a 6 volt positive ground system, it can continuously supply more than 2.1 amps with the engine off, and about 2.5 amps with the engine running at a fast idle. In a 12 volt positive ground system it can supply 4.0 amps (min) and 4.7 amps (max) continuous duty. The PGPI-HC uses a common ground so isolation is not necessary, and because of its efficient design, its current draw is negligible when no load is applied (10 milliamps).

Vintage Car Radio has vast experience in selling, maintaining and installing Custom Autosound Power inverter. We have installed, repaired and sold the sound power inverters for the last two decades. Talk to us today or visit our website to have an overview of what to expect once you purchase from us.
Whenever customers decide to purchase a Custom Autosound Power inverter, it is essential for them to select the ones with the correct size. However, it all depends on the intended usage of the inverter. One, it is crucial to decide how many outlets you want. Our inverters have several outlets thus it is possible for you to select the one that best fits your wants. It is essential to note that appliances that need more than 150 watts will need a straight connection to the battery. However, most common small devices can be used with our power inverter. The following are some of the features that our inverter possesses.
The Custom Auto Sound Power Inverter can run on 12-volt negative ground accessories. It includes electrical appliances that operate on 6, 8, and 12 volts. If the inverter is utilized on a six-volt positive ground appliance, it can give more than 2.1 amperes endlessly for an engine that is switched off. More so, for an engine running smoothly, the inverter can supply about 2.5 amperes. Another benefit of our inverter is that it can give a minimum of 4.0 amperes and a maximum of 4.7 amperes on a 12 voltage positive grounded device. It is not necessarily that one performs isolation since the PGPI-HC uses a common ground. Due to the inverter’s practical design, its present draw is insignificant when there is no load connected. It is about ten mill amperes.
The only drawback with the inverter is that it cannot be used for truck release solenoids, power actuate door locks, blowers, air conditioner clutches, power windows, among other electronic devices.
Once you install our Custom Autosound Power Inverter, you will probably wonder why it wasn’t customary gadget from the manufacturer. The power inverter will allow you to use an electronic appliance in a vehicle that needs an AC power supply. It is essential to use whenever one is traveling or during vacation.

NOT RECOMMENDED FOR: Power actuated door locks, trunk release solenoids, air conditioner clutches, fans, blowers, power windows, or other electromechanical devices.

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