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Custom AutoSound Voltage Booster

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Custom AutoSound Voltage Booster
Will operate 12 volt negative ground accessories from 6 or 8 volt negative ground electrical systems. The maximum output power is a function of input voltage. When used in a 6 volt system, it can continuously supply more than 3-1/2 amps with the engine off, and about 5 amps with the engine running at a fast idle. Because of its very efficient design, its current draw is negligible when no load is applied (10 milliamps). 
NOT RECOMMENDED FOR: Power actuated door locks, trunk release solenoids, air conditioner clutches, fans, blowers, power windows, or other electromechanical devices. 
For persons who possess old vehicles with small voltage battery such as six volts or eight volts as well as standard negative ground chassis, it is high time you purchase the current Custom Autosound voltage booster. We at, Vintage Car Radio, will sell you the voltage booster at a relatively low price. We have extensive knowledge of the installation and maintenance of the Custom Auto Sound voltage booster.
The voltage booster works perfectly on a 12 voltage negative ground gadgets from 6 volts electrical systems. It gives a maximum power outage according to the amount of power inputted. The voltage booster can also supply power continuously if utilized on a six voltage system; it can emit 3.5 amps for an engine that is not running and five amps for a motor running steadily. The voltage booster is also easy to install and is best for upgrading to twelve-volt radio in a six to eight negative ground system. The unique features in our voltage boosters are the inclusion of wires, the integration of fuse as well as a voltage that ranges from 4 to 11 volts Direct Current.
However, if you want to use the custom auto sound power on air conditioner clutches, power actuated door locks, power windows, trunk release solenoids, blowers, and fans, it will be of no help to you as they are not usable on these appliances.
Our Custom Autosound Voltage Booster is also accurately and professionally designed to offer exceptional durability that customers look for. We always want to be second to none when the quality of our product is put into place. The booster is made of first-rate materials to guarantee reliability. The Custom Autosound voltage booster will offer worry-free and efficient services to our clients for many years. It is therefore evident that it is the appropriate selection for everyone’s ultimate satisfaction. For more than two decades Vintage Car Radio has been offering high-quality radio solutions for a massive range of classic cars.

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