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Revelotion Electronics Fuel Pump Controller

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Product Description

Revolution Electronics Fuel Pump Controller


This must have gadget is ideal for any muscle car equipped with an electric fuel pump. This device monitors the car’s tach signal, through the tachometer signal, so as to control the workings of the fuel pump. The controller works with both square wave (aftermarket) and stock (inductive) tach signals. During operation, the fuel pump primes for up to three seconds once the key is put on. 

This, in turn, primes the entire fuel system while also topping off the car’s carburetor fuel bowls. Once the three seconds elapse, the fuel pump can only run concurrently with the engine – that is, once the engine stops, the pump also stops: no adding more buttons for priming below the dash. The electric fuel pump can also function in a similar way as in a modern EFI vehicle. This can be achieved once you install both the Pump Controller and the Pump Safety Switch onto your classic car.The fuel pump controller works best with 12-volt pumps and comes with a detailed manual for straightforward installation.  

This gadget, made in the United States of America, is microprocessor controlled. It, additionally, includes a self-resetting internal seven-ampere fuse and a 15 feet long gauge wire that connects the fuel pump. More amperage fuel pumps can also be controlled by adding an extra external relay. Moreover, the fully potted fuel pump comes with interfaces to one of the 12-volt aftermarket ignition (square wave) or inductive tach signals. A three feet long 18-gauge wire loop leads to ground, power, and tach signal. Lastly, the fuel pump is enclosed on a 2”x1.5”x1” plastic with some mounting tabs. This kit includes parts such as two zip ties, a controller unit, one male connector, a female connector, a T-tap, one large crimp ring, and a small crimp ring.

This device is a “must have” for any electric fuel pump equipped muscle car.  It monitors the tach signal to limit when the fuel pump can operate. When the key is first turned on, the fuel pump is allowed to prime for three seconds, priming the fuel system.  After these first three seconds, the pump is only allowed to run when the engine is running; if the engine stops, so does the fuel pump.  No plumbing into the oil lines or adding an extra priming button under the dash.   With the addition of the Fuel Pump Safety Switch, the fuel pump in your classic car functions the same as a modern EFI car.    



2”x1.5”x1” plastic enclosure with mounting tabs.

Internal 7.5A resettable fuse. 

Fully potted

3 foot, 18 gauge leads for power, ground, and tach  signal

15 foot 16 gauge wire loop for fuel pump control

Microprocessor controlled

Interfaces to either 12v square wave (aftermarket ignition) or factory “coil –“ tach signals

Simple installation

Made in the USA


Parts Included in this Kit

1-Controller Unit

1-Small crimp ring


1-Male _” Connector

1-Large crimp ring

1-Female _” connector



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