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Revolution Electronics Radio Power-Off Delay Pt#12007

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Product Description

Revolution Electronics Radio Power-Off Delay (FoMoCo from 50's, 60's, 70')


Have you ever found a spot up in the middle of nowhere or even in your driveway where you just wanted to sit for a little longer listening to your radio before getting out? I know I have and love it. However, have you noticed that older cars shut off the radio after your ignition key is turned off, or even has to keep the car running so you can listen a little longer? The vehicles that have a door switch with a ground connection, for example older GM’s from the 50’s,60’s, 70’s, all shut the radio off as soon as the car is turned off. Most modern cars carry a delay that allows a little time to chill with the ignition off to listen to the radio unless the door is opened. A radical idea has now been created, and more people should take advantage of this amazing invention. There is now a product called “Revolution Electronics Radio Power-Off Delay” and it is made specifically for your older car! You too can know be in the modernized times while still driving that beautiful vintage vehicle many people seek after.
This unit, the “Revolution Electronics Radio Power-Off Delay” will keep your radio active for 15 minutes after the ignition is shut off, or until the door is opened! Now you do not have to waste gas or even keep the fan in operation. Not to mention the delay switch is not limited to just the radio, it can be wired to control all accessory power so you will still have control of the windows even after the car turns off.
Here are some of the tech specs that are included: 2”x 1.5”x 1” plastic enclosure with mounting tabs, Internal 7.5 re-settable fuse, higher currents can be controlled by wiring this unit to control a second relay, fully potted, it has 3 foot 18 gauge leads, and it is microprocessor controlled. The unit is simple to install and made in the USA.
When you order this product, you will receive 1 controller unit, 2 T-taps, 2 zip ties, 1 small crimp ring, 2 male ¼ connectors, and 2 female ¼ connectors.
Now you can have the luxuries of the modern world while keeping the classic style classy. Get it today from Vintage Car Radio!

Listen to your radio after turning the key off--just like modern luxury cars. After shutting down the engine, this unit will keep the radio power active for 15 minutes or until a door is opened. This allows you to continue listening to the radio without leaving the engine running or the electric fan operating. Not limited to just the radio; could be wired to control all accessory power so you still have control of the power windows after the key is off.

For vehicles where the door switch supplies a 12v connection (many newer cars with remote entry and ‘60s era Mustangs).


Tech Specs:

  • 2”x1.5”x1” plastic enclosure with mounting tabs.
  • Internal 7.5A resettable fuse, higher currents can be controlled by wiring this unit to control a second relay.
  • Fully potted
  • 3 fot, 18 gauge leads
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Simple installation
  • Made in the USA



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