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Classic Car Consoles

So you say your hot rod is the coolest thing ever or your classic Chevy is what all the kids dream about, well what if I told you that you were missing something?  Big engine?  Check.  Bitchin’ tires?  Check. Smooth paint?  Check, then what could it be???  CUP HOLDERS!!!!!!!!  Seriously, though you would be surprised how many people didn’t know that cupholders and are a relatively new feature in cars.  Or even more so that the consoles as we know aren’t all that old either.  Well if you need a cool console that includes CUPHOLDERS then get with Vintage Car Radio for everything you need for that Chevy, Ford, Mopar, VW, Buick, GMC or even Packard. 

BC Cruiser Cup Holder

So you have a car from the 1950’s, ‘60’s, or 70’s with a bench seat and you want a nice console?  Then the BC Cruiser console is right for you, it’s designed to fit the contour of early bench seats.  Installation is as simple as can be with a nylon strap under the seat which cinches down to the front of the console.

  • Large Drink Holders
  • Storage Compartment
  • Arm Rest

Got an old mid-sized car from the ‘60’s like the Ford Falcon?  Then it’s time for the BD-Drinkster console. It’s designed to fit the contour of early narrow bench seat cars.  Installation is fast and simple with a nylon strap under the seat which cinches down to the front of the console.
The BD-Drinkster comes complete with:

  • Drink Holders
  • Storage Compartment
  • Arm Rest  

One thing Old Henry didn’t get right was a complete lack of console or cupholders in his Model A!!!  The VAGABOND-S console is a short version designed for the Model “A” Roadster or coupe that comes complete with two drink holders. Both the VAGABOND-L and the VAGABOND-S are held in place by a smart looking SHIFTER BOOT that surrounds the floor shift of your Model A.

A lot of people were asking for a console to fit your classic car transmission hump and here it is and it’s made in America! The Low-Rider console is built to fit the transmission hump for the ‘50s ‘60s and ‘70s cars from GM, Ford and Mopar.  The “Low-Rider console” comes complete with two KING size drink holders, a storage compartment with lid, and a convenient storage compartment.  Installation is really easy due to The Low-Rider console unique feature that allows it to fit several different size transmission humps no matter what ride you drive. Underneath the “Low-Rider console” are two aluminum coated plates that are curved to accommodate narrow transmission humps on some of the ’60s GM, Ford and Mopar cars. These aluminum coated plates can be easily adjusted (bent) to conform to just about any automobile transmission hump. If not needed these Aluminum plates can easily be removed.
The “Low-Rider Console” dimensions are:

  • 11” wide at the drink holders   
  • 17” overall length 
  • 8” wide at the storage area

Everybody loves the Camaro, great looks and great performance but it could always be better.  That’s where the new Humphugger console could help.   It fits 1967-’81 Camaro without the factory console.  It comes with two standard cupholders and a storage compartment with a flip lid.

The Chevy Tri-Five Bench Seat Console and Cup Holder brings what is missing with your 1955-57 Chevy and it’s designed to fit the contour of Tri-Five front bench seats.  Installation is fast and easy with the included nylon strap that cinches down to your seat from the bottom of the console.


  • Two King Size chrome trim drink holders.
  • Felt-lined Storage compartment with flip lid
  • Secure mounting strap (Optional for installation)
  • Vinyl map/registration holder under padded top.
  • Variety of colors to choose from to match your interior.

With our Chevy Tri-Five cup holder and console, you will never have to worry about balancing your drink on the seat, between your legs or on the floor of your vehicle.
Proudly made in the U.S.A.

The VW bus is one of those iconic vehicles that crosses over many types of people.  Young and old, rich and poor dig the little VW bus but what about a drink holder?  Well, you have one of these neat rides then you need the VW Bus Dashboard Plug & Chug Drink Holder.  It contains two universal drink holders and fits into the ash tray holder.  Then your VW Bus will be complete!   Available in colors: Black, Brown, Blue, and VW basket weave Black
NOTE: The VW Drinkvholder is designed especially for the VW Bus and will accommodate virtually all types of soda cans and cups as well as most plastic drink bottles.

Everyone remembers the scene in American Graffiti where Suzanne Somers pulls up next to Richard Dreyfus in a 1955-1957 Thunderbird and he instantly falls in love, right?  Well you know what would have made her even better looking?  The 1955-1957 Plug & Chug Drink Holder!  I mean come on it would have and you know it.  


  • Two standard drink holders
  • Fits into the ash tray tracks in the dashboard
  • Fits years 1955-1957

Remember when trucks were built with steel, had manual transmissions and drove like, well trucks?  Me too but you know it still needed cupholders and a console!   The BC Cruiser console is designed to fit the contour of early bench seat trucks from the late 1950s.  Installation is fast and simple with a nylon strap under the seat which cinches down to the front of the console.

Comes with:

  • Large Drink Holders
  • Storage Compartment
  • Arm Rest 

The Nissan (or Datsun) Z is a really cool car that doesn’t get enough attention.  Beautiful lines, great handling and impressive power all wrapped up in a just plain neat car, but and I think you know where I’m going with this…it could be better.  The 1970-1978 Datsun Z Saddle Console secures onto factory console with no changes to original console and includes a storage compartment with flip lid and two standard size drink holders.  Now that makes it better.