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So you’re driving down road at night and it’s one of those ‘really dark’ nights.  You know the kind where the road just kind of disappears and the lane markers disappears too, as in scary dark.  You figured your headlights in your car are just fine until now.  Worse yet, older cars/trucks headlights are notorious for being adequate at best, especially the six volt headlights.  So what to do oh fearless driver?  Go to Vintage Car Radio for your exterior and interior light upgrades!

Your first checkout should be the Four 5 3/4" Lamp Kit.  The complete kit comes with FOUR headlights and fittings. This kit includes our new MP-H4-24-UB lamps for the H4 socket with connecting tabs that fit all standard headlamps on cars with 5 3/4 inch sealed or semi-sealed lamps. The patented LED heat-sink design will provide efficient LED cooling so that the high brightness LEDs can pierce through the light. Over 100 LEDs for each lamp which means over 24 Watts of LED power per lamp.  

The kit also comes complete with four metal and glass 5 3/4 inch housings, four H4 24 Watt LED lamps and rubber insulation covers. The Mustang Project custom heat-sink design provides far superior light output than other lamps and a much longer lamp life. These 5 3/4 inch housings fit all cars and motorcycles with 5 3/4 in head lamp or fog lamp mounting. The round beam pattern is perfect for fog lights and auxiliary lights and headlights for show cars and antique licensed cars LEDs provide less horsepower drag and a great look with a pure white light - not yellow like the old incandescent. Limited lifetime warranty too!  

This new design provides over 2400 Lumens per lamp which is far brighter than the original incandescent lamps that were never that great in the first place and they won't heat up wiring like high current halogen lamps or stress your alternator(or generator) as the lamps consume approximately 1/10 the current of incandescent lamps. Designed to DOT standards but not DOT listed. All lamps function in high beam mode. Two lamps will light when low beams are selected. Four lamps will light when high beams are selected.  This is the perfect kit if you would actually like to see at night.

Even newer cars can be upgraded from factory standards.  The Front LED Head light Conversion Kit is specifically designed for use on the 2005 to 2009 Ford Mustangs, including the V6, GT, Boss,, Cobra SVT, and Shelby GT500 models. It improves appearance and safety. It will also improve the appearance and safety of your Mustang by installing a Mustang Project LED Conversion Kit. This conversion kit replaces those weak incandescent stock factory bulbs with super bright white LED's, so not only will you be able to see better you’ll also be able to be seen too.  The all new design requires NO splicing or wire cutting to add load resistors etc. just plug and play! Power Saving COB SMD Technology.  The bulbs included in LED Conversion Kit utilize ultra-high output lamp technology and a custom die cast LED heat sink to produce super bright light while only consuming 1/10th of the power of the stock factory incandescent bulb. These LED bulbs are rated at 100,000 hours of continuous use so they’ll last much longer than the stock bulbs. This kit works for use in 2005 to 2009 Ford Mustangs, including the V6, GT, Boss, and Shelby GT500 models. This kit replaces front H13 type lamps.

LED’s are the new wave in automotive and motorcycle lighting.  They are brighter, which means you can see and other drivers can see you.  The 1955 Thunderbird 12V LED Taillight kit offers a great "Sunburst" effect when the turn signal is active. LEDs light in a solid pattern for ultra-bright brake lights. Glow in a solid pattern and dimmer for driving lights. The stock '55 tail lamps were horrible from the factory, people could ‘kind of’ see you which you really didn’t want so make your T-bird safer with our taillight kit which has ultra-bright LEDs and is much brighter, uses a pigtail that plugs into the original bulb socket and also looks great! . Other than the increased brightness and redness no one will know that these are LEDs, so they won’t detract from the classic T-bird good looks.  The 6 volt comes as a set which includes the LED rear lamps bundled with an electronic flasher and includes two LED modules, 1 flasher module, instructions and any needed hardware! For 12V Negative Ground systems!

This kit is for cars or trucks with 7" headlights.  A lot of cars and trucks used this size.  The LED H4 Lamps & Housings kit comes complete including two housings and 21 Watt power LEDs. Perfect for fog lights and auxiliary lights.  This is  a must needed upgrade for your older car or truck.

Have an old Vette that needs an upgrade?  Then the 1963-65 Corvette LED Sequential Taillight Kit is just up your alley.  The MP-6345-CRV-SEQ Corvette Super Bright LED Sequential chase taillight kit has 4 LED lamp modules and flasher module, now with click flasher too. Virtually any classic car with multiple brake/turn lights using 1157 lamp bases can have sequential taillights! Brighter and bolder plus the cool retro look of sequential taillights! This kit comes with a four year warranty on materials and workmanship. It has a low current cool running operation! Great for custom and hot rods! LED modules replace existing 1157 incandescent lamps. Kit includes 4 ultra-bright microprocessor LEDs and electronic flasher with CLICK.

Sometimes LED’s wear out so you need just one.  So Vintage Car Radio has what you need.  The MP-1156-UB-AMB Fits 1156 Sockets. They are far brighter than other LED lamps available. The BA15S single contact base is designed exclusively for your Mustang Project. This is the same lamp utilized in our late model front turn housing combo kits. It has had stellar reviews in magazines like Mustangs and Modified Fords and many others. By far the brightest in its type it features an micro-controller in the base to control the dim and bright modes for ultra-long life and maximum brightness. Also available in 1157 base with the same features for classic cars!