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USA-630 for a Chevy Truck In Dash AM/FM 93

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Product Description

The looks of a classic Chevy truck
Are not going to be the key to your success at dating. You need a radio that provides you with great sound to tickle her ears and put her in the mood. The USA-630 has what it takes and it provides the right sound when you want to impress your romantic partner.
It is all in the details
Once you install the USA-630 in your classic Chevy truck, you are getting a complete package. It comes with Am/FM radio and 12 preset stations. Then if the tunes are not that great, you can switch to the WMA/<P3 format and play your own top 40 songs.
Plus, the RDS tuner comes with an LCD display screen telling you which artist, song or radio station you are listening to. With 300 watts backing it up the USA-630 will impress your date with its sound quality and power.
To top it off you get great volume control, electronic tuning and a digital equalizer. Your tunes have not sounded so good.
If that isn’t all
You are not going to be shortchanged on features when you turn to the USA-630 to produce your music. You also get balance control, an RCA input jack and a digital clock to make sure you are on time to pick up your date.
There is just too many features to list here.
Some final words
It is not hard to get top quality sound for your classic Chevy truck. You just need the right radio that complements its styling. The USA-630 has what it takes to make your classic Chevy truck stand above the rest
The AM-FM modes are used to provide a large choice for an individual to choose the radio stations. The power capacity is high with 300 Watt for quality entertainment with USB ports, iPod control button and direct CD changer available to increase songs available to the user. The white numbers and black background makes it easy for one to operate the radio. The volume control, electronic tuning and digital EQ is meant to provide satisfaction to the individual. The active digital clock is needed by the car owner to effectively plan for the journey and catch the favorite stations. The 12 pre-set stations are to provide a suitable start for the user. The RCA pre-outs are used to add up to four speakers to the radio with the distinct treble and bass. Powerful antenna ensures that an individual is able to clearly listen to the radio stations.
Vintage Car Radio offers products that will fit the entertainment needs of the car owners in the market. The USA-630 made by Custom Autosound is traded by Vintage Car to offer entertainment services to the classic Cadillac vehicles. Below are the features that make USA-630 most effective for your classic Cadillac vehicle.
  • Based on the stereo system of AM-FM mode
  • RDS tuner for displaying artists/songs/radio stations on the LCD screen
  • Power capacity of 300 Watts
  • USB Port to playback song files in WMA/MP3
  • Buttons of iPod control and doc
  • Direct control changer till six-CD
  • Negative display of white numbers/ letters in black background
  • IPod/WMA/MP3 files are displayed in alpha-numeric forms
  • Volume control and electronic tuning
  • Compensation in loudness
  • Digital EQ
  • Fader of four-way
  • Right left balance system
  • Activeclock
  • Auxiliarywith two channels
  • Pre-sets of stations
  • Four RCA
  • Distinct bass
  • Euro/USA tuner
  • A powerful lead of antenna
The properties are aimed at providing stations and other inputs that will leave the car owner entertained while using the vehicle. Advanced technology is used to come up with the specs that will regulate the sound to make it proper to the user. The 300 Watt provides the needed power for entertainment. The buttons, white numbers and the black background are used in providing a proper viewing of the channels for proper tuning. The fader ways provide the ability to connect with speakers to improve the loudness. A clock provides the owner with information about the time for planning of the trip and other activities. The Euro/USA tuner is necessary to offer services to the different consumers in the market. Powerful antenna improves the signal strength of the available stations.
Preserving the classic legacy of your vintage ride when pimping it up with modern sound is of utmost importance to every car owner. Whether you are replacing an old and dysfunctional car radio or you want to upgrade to more powerful and better sound output, you want the new radio to be a perfect fit for your car. Vintage Car Radios understands your concerns, and over the years, we have become the leading sellers of Custom Autosound classic car radios which fit effortlessly into the dash of your vintage car.

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