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AUX-1 Microprocessor powered Auxiliary Input controller

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At Vintage Car Radio we pride ourselves in providing owners of vintage cars (ranging from Ford Bronco's to Chevy Belair's) with the best of the best in custom radios as well as consoles designed to make their car stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, we also offer our customers microprocessors such as the AUX-1 microprocessor.
The AUX-1 microprocessor is made by Aurora Design and distributed by us here at Vintage Car Radio. In simpler terms, the AUX-1 microprocessor is a auxiliary input controller that allows for the addition of an audio input to any original radio. However, the AUX-1 microprocessor by Aurora Design is totally different from it's competitors and for several reasons. First and foremost, the AUX-1 is fitted with three, user-friendly triggers - the VOX, power cycling and switch input - all of which are fundamental in the AUX-1's operation. Furthermore, the AUX-1 albeit extremely sensitive, is very good at cancelling out any unwanted noises which means that the user does not have to switch back to the radio during quieter audio sessions. Thirdly, the AUX-1 produces high audio output levels meaning the user will not be straining to hear what is being said (unlike MP3 players that when connected to an audio amplifier can result in low volume as well as poor performance issues). Second to last, unlike other devices of its kind, the AUX-1 microprocessor by Aurora Design is built to last and is not susceptible to issues such as overpowering, etc. In other words, the AUX-1 microprocessor is indestructible and our customers will be able to reap the benefits of it for a very long time.
In conclusion, the AUX-1 microprocessor is a brilliantly designed device that can be used for any kind of radio (6V/12V positive and negative ground radios) and is easy to install making it a for sure recommendation for anyone looking for the best in the market.

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