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Ken Harrison

Manufacturers are always trying to come up with the latest and greatest gadgets. Whether it was traction control or intermittent wipers or what have you, sometimes the companies forgot to build the best car they could and worry about the trinkets later. They basically forgot the basics. Plymouth never did that. Plymouth cars were always built to the best of the best. They were built when people took pride in building cars. Do remember when you tapped on a vehicles fender and it was metal and not plastic or when things were built to last more than a couple of years? That was how Plymouth did it. Plymouth knew that if you wanted something solid and dependable you bought a Plymouth. Plymouth made waves on the race circuits too. The Plymouth Challenger was a major contender in the pony car wars with the Camaro and the Mustang. The Challenger brought clean lines and great handling as well as major power. When you wanted a muscle car the Challenger was the way to go with the legendary Hemi. Now having said all that Plymouth really didn't have it going when it came to the electronics department mainly the radio. The stock Plymouth radio was just awful. It had no power, bad reception and was just a pain all around. The good news is if you have a classic Plymouth you don't have to suffer with that bad radio anymore. You can move on over to Vintage Car Radio and get yourself a Ken Harrison radio. Ken Harrison radios are built to the highest standards. That means your Ken Harrison radio will probably outlast you and your car. The sound is amazing and is so crystal clear that it will be like the band is in the car with you. So get to Vintage Car Radio now!