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Cars of the ‘60s kept going during the '70s but not in the same spectacular fashion. Sure the early '70s still had some killers like the Hemi Cuda and big block Chevelle but it went downhill fast from there. The Challengers got bigger and more porpoise shaped, the Falcon morphed into the Maverick and the Torino just got less sexy. The Torino came out in the late '60s and formed its own niche in the muscle car culture. Special editions drove to big wins in NASCAR, especially the Talladega version, named after the superspeedway in Alabama. The Torino did pretty well on the streets too but it never got as big as the Barracuda or the Camaro. Then in its second life in the '70s when cars got big but sadly the performance went way, way down. The gas crisis hit the big manufacturers very hard, hence the birth of the Pinto and the Vega. The big nameplates kept making the larger cars without any of the looks that made them legendary in the first place, but the Torino got a new lease on life on the TV series 'Starsky and Hutch'. Millions of viewers tuned in and saw a bright red Torino every week and it was pretty eye catching. It had the right rumble with a Nike style stripe and slotted mag wheels. Sure it wasn't the prettiest thing ever but it hit the right buttons. There wasn't anything going on at the time in the muscle car world and this seemed to get people going. Soon there were clones being built everywhere. Every cruise in had at least one Starsky-car. Sure the Torino’s had some cool things going for it but the radio wasn't one of them so if you own one today you need to contact Custom Autosound ASAP to get the latest in modern technology and make your Torino cool again.