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The Impala is one those cars that started small and become a legend. In a 1958 the Impala was one of those one year cars. Another words the body style only stayed around for 1958 and then in ’59 it changed completely and that was a shame because the ’58 style was one of the first times one of the big three companies noticed what the custom and hot rod guys were doing to their cars. The ’58 had subtle fins and scoops that just screamed custom but as the years progressed so did the body style. The Impala became a lean auto that begged to be lowered and so it was. The ’63 and ’64 became the iconic lowrider car. When someone says lowrider the Impala is what you think of. Wire wheels and hydraulics became standard lowrider fare for the Impala. Years later nothing has changed, the Impala is still the king of the lowrider. Even though the Impala was a lowrider king, it also did quite a bit of racing with the early big block the 348-409 but it did best as a cruiser. It just rode over bumps and just seemed to want to go low and slow. But even though the Impala wanted to cruise, its radio really needed some help. I mean big help. So what should you do? Get yourself over to Vintage Car Radio and make that Impala really crank! They carry all the best in the classic car radio industry like Custom Autosound, Ken Harrison, Out of Sight Audio, RediRad and Stereo Conversion. These systems are built with the latest and greatest technology that will make your Impala rock and roll like never before. So get with Vintage Car Radio and have them set you up so when your cruising you can be singing too