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Ken Harrison

The Buick Century was a classic among classic cars. It had the lines and the drivetrain to compete with anything any of the other brands were selling. Buick was always known as a thinking ahead type of company. They designed cars to make them appear futuristic while still seeming familiar. That concept made people feel comfortable and made Buick one of the big sellers in nation. The Buick Century was one of those cars. The looks made people take notice and just fall in love. The driveability made people really take notice because no matter how good a car looks it has to be able to handle the business of day to day life and the Buick Century could do that without any problems at all. It rode just wonderful and it had power to spare. The hot rod crowd dug it, the custom crowd dug it and the general public dug it. You really can't beat that. Now the Buick Century could do it all, take the kids to school, drive to work or just for a cruise but there was one thing that the Buick Century couldn't do and it unfortunately is something that a lot of classic cars couldn't do and that was to have a decent radio. It was just plain bad, the signal was bad, the sound was bad, really everything was bad. So what can you do for your Buick Century? You head on over to Vintage Car Radio and take a look at the Ken Harrison line of radios. Ken Harrison radios are built with exacting standards that make the music sound like its being played in the car with you. They are built to fit your Buick Century specifically which means no cutting and that means it gets you on the road instead of being in the garage. Ken Harrison radios, get to listening.