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Ken Harrison

They say that people are the backbone of a country. That America was built on the hard work of numerous people who took it upon themselves to do what they could to make their lives and the people's lives around them better. This country was also built using various modes of transportation. It was great using the wagon but it took forever to get where you're going and you could only tow so much. So in came the truck. The truck was possibly one of the most important innovations in the country. One of the great early truck manufacturers was International. International built trucks that were tough and could haul anything. With the International truck you could move large cargo across much larger distances without taking days at a time. Not to mention that it was also much safer inside the safety of a truck then the wagon. International trucks were top of the line and again were built to last. Now when you're out on the road hauling whatever cargo you might have, its fun to listen to the hum of the engine or having a conversation with your passenger but sometimes you're all alone and you just want to listen to some tunes. Lets get this straight, the International truck was an amazing vehicle that could do many things but the stock radios was not one of the great things about it. So what can you do? You head over to Vintage Car Radio and take a gander at the great line of Ken Harrison radios. Now Ken Harrison radios are a sight to behold. They are built to last and are built to make beautiful sound. Seriously, the sounds of the Ken Harrison radio is just amazing. You will not be sorry with your Ken Harrison radio.