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There are downsides to driving a big American automobile. First off, they are big! I mean it’s really hard to fit into garages, park and let’s not talk about the mileage. You had to take out a second mortgage just to keep fuel in the tank! Sure some of the manufacturers offered some gas misers but took the Japanese to really figure out how to combine great mileage numbers with personality. Cars in Japan have to be small because the whole country is small. There aren't many large roads in Japan so you don't need a big vehicle. There is a lot of small city roads and the big ones are usually crammed with cars so a smaller ride is not only preferred but just a smarter choice. Toyota knew what the Japanese public wanted and they gave it to them. The offered small cars but they had looks and style that not a lot of other manufacturers could do and since they were small they offered on road performance too. Being compact helps in many ways such as being able to turn on a dime and stop on a dime. You could find Toyotas all over the race tracks in Japan, Europe and North America. You couldn't beat the small size for fun on at the races and they were cheaper to buy also. It was a win, win package. Toyota took a while to gain ground in the states but once they did, they weren't leaving and they did it with reliable, smaller cars that were fun to drive and fun to look at. Sure, Toyota made nice cars but with their small size they had to make their radios fit and that hurt the sound quite a bit. Well, no fear dear Toyota owner, Custom Autosound has everything to make that little car rock and roll just like the big boys.