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The Fairlane was first built in the mid '50s and it came out with a bang. The first Fairlane's came with great styling. They had V8 power and rode great. Many a drag racer started off with a Fairlane in the stock classes before moving up to the faster classes. Then Ford decided that the Fairlane was the perfect body to fit a big block in. So the Ford Thunderbolt was born. Only a hundred or so were built and were sold to only the top drag racers in the country. The Thunderbolt was a dominant force in drag racing. It was powered by the four twenty seven big block that powered the mid-sized sedan to stupid fast times. It was a terror in the super stock classes and brought home many a trophy. It only lasted a year but the die was set and the Fairlane went on to be a monster on the street and the strip. One thing the Fairlane was missing was a decent sound system. I mean being fast and good looking is a great thing but sometimes you just want to ease back and cruise and that means you need a killer sound system. So where should the Fairlane owner go? Vintage Car Radio is your place! Vintage Car Radio has all your radio needs and the knowledge to get you the perfect system for your Fairlane. They carry only the best of the best including Antique Automobile Radio, Custom Autosound, Ken Harrison, Out of Sight Audio, RediRad and Stereo Conversion. These radios are outstanding and will install in just a short time. You won't believe the sound and your Fairlane won't know what to do with such a good radio. So call Vintage Car Radio to get all the information on the best radios in the industry.