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Ken Harrison

Everybody knows that German engineering is some of the best in the world. They are always on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to the automobile and on the forefront of this is BMW. BMW has been around forever and building some of the best cars in the world. BMW has been one of the few manufacturers that have combined luxury with performance. Known the world over is BMW with speed and handling combined with great ergonomics that make the BMW a dream car to drive. In another words if you want to go to an upscale restaurant, you got yourself a BMW. If you wanted to go to a track day and dominate, you got yourself a BMW. The BMW could be considered the Swiss army knife of the auto world. It's a do it all masterpiece that can handle anything you can throw at it. The vintage BMW is something amazing to behold. It has grace and speed combined with reliability that cannot be matched. But like most classic cars they all have some flaws. In some it maybe wiring, others suspension problem most classics have one flaw in common and that's the radio. Early automobile radios just weren't up to par. Whether is was the inability to receive a signal or just the lack luster power and sound when it does, nothing is worse than a bad radio. So what do you do now that you have a vintage BMW? You get to Vintage Car Radio and checkout the line of Ken Harrison radios. Ken Harrison only produces the best in the vintage radio business. Ken Harrison only uses the best quality parts in their radios and they put them together with so when you order one you know your getting a radio that will outlast your car.