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The classic Chevy van is one of the most sought-after vintage vans on the American market today.  This is because of the van’s reliability, great performance, and ease of maintenance. The Classic Chevy vans have been roaming the American streets for decades and have proven to be among the best vintage vans in the world.

Classic Chevy vans are powered by a wide variety of motors, depending on the year of manufacture and trim level.  However, its most popular motor is this is the legendary Vortec 4.3L V6 which is incredibly powerful(200HP), reliable, and easy to maintain. This powerful motor provides both the driving thrill when going on epic road trips and reliability. The fact the motor is big means that the van does not strain even when pushed hard, and that is where the element of reliability comes in. With this van, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in the middle of the road because of engine failure.

Mechanics love this engine because it is simple, easy to maintain, and diagnose. When it comes to the transmissions, classic Chevy vans came in both manual and automatic configurations. Those manufactured before 1989 came in four or five-speed manual transmissions. But after 1990, classic Chevy vans were only available in automatic transmissions. So, if you would love to own a classic Chevy van with a manual transmission, then you have to buy one manufactured in 1989 and below.

Besides its reliability, simplicity, and great performance, the classic Chevy van is also loved for its unique vintage look. This van always turns heads wherever it goes, thanks to its aggressive classic look. The van is also very spacious. In fact, most Americans have turned their classic Chevy vans into RVs because they are spacious and powerful. They are indeed a great choice for people who are looking for a classic family van that is spacious.