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If you can find a city, state, country that doesn't have a Volkswagen in it, I'd like to tell you, you live in the jungle. No wait, I'm sure there is a Volkswagen in there too. Seriously, the Volkswagen car company is everywhere. Its on the city streets, the drag strips, the road courses, heck its even at Baja! The Volkswagen line of cars are known the world around as dependable, fast and just a blast to drive and own. Of course the Volkswagen everyone knows the best is the loveable bug. When it comes to legend the VW bug is just amazing. Seriously, the VW bug was built for so many years, there are least a million of them still around, which goes to show how well built they were. They have a massive following and for good reason. They combine vintage with dependability and so much fun to drive and to own. So everyone either has owned or knows someone who has owned a VW, whether it was the Bug or the Rabbit or the Golf or whatever, they are everywhere and most are still around but like most classic cars they have the fatal flaw, the classic car radio. It gets terrible reception and when the station does come in, it sounds horrible. So what should the VW owner do? You get to Vintage Car Radio and look at there long list of radios built just for your VW. They carry the best of the best in the classic car radio world like Custom Autosound, Ken Harrison, Out of sight Audio, RediRad and Stereo Conversion. These radios are all built specifically for your Volkswagen which means easy installation and that means getting on the road instead of being out in the garage. So get over to Vintage Car Radio for all your Volkswagen needs.