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  • KHE-300 for Invicta

    KHE-300 for Invicta

    Do you own a classic Buick Invicta? Are you looking to replace your old, original radio in your classic car with something that has a little bit more pep to it? At Vintage Car Radio, they have just what you need. For years, the company has been selling...

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The Buick Invicta was a car ahead of its time. Whether it was the long, unique lines or the power under the hood, the Buick Invicta was always different than what was on the road. There are some manufacturers that design and build cars and trucks that are perfectly decent vehicles but look exactly like every car out there. Sure they sell a few but there isn't anything special about it. You go out to the parking lot and you get lost in a sea of sameness. You end up having to put a sticker or something on you car just you know its yours. The Buick Invicta never had that problem. The early sixties especially was a grand time for car design. The Buick Invicta was completely different than anything that came before it. It never followed what had come before it. When you went into the parking lot after shopping you always knew what car was yours. Don't you wish we could go back to that time? Cruising in your Buick Invicta was always a joy. It rode great and was dependable as taxes but like every classic car it had its downfalls. Namely the incredibly bad radio. The factory Buick Invicta radio couldn't hold a tune if it tried. It had a weak signal and the speakers were just fuzzy. So what can you do? You get your butt over to Vintage Car Radio and take a long look at the incredible line of Ken Harrison radios. When you want the best, you get a Ken Harrison radio. They are built like a tank and the sound will sit you on your behind like no other. They are built to very high standards so you know you're getting the best. Vintage Car Radio, your number one Ken Harrison radio outlet.