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Ken Harrison

The great American vacation. America is one of the biggest nations in the world. It can take days to go from the Atlantic to the Pacific and when you're doing it with small children the average station wagon can get, lets just say, different. When the young ones are screaming in the far too close back seat you probably feel like your head is going to explode. It sure would be nice to have a buffer zone. It would make that long hot trip across the country much easier to endure. The big motor companies saw this and came up with the best solution. The GMC motorhome. When you're behind the wheel of a GMC motorhome you have at least fifteen feet of air between you and those very loud children. But the best thing about the GMC motorhome is the fact that you can live in it. No more sleeping on the ground or the hassle of putting up tents, the GMC motorhome can make living on the road just wonderful. You have a kitchen, a bathroom and actual beds. The family can watch the TV or play games on the foldout table. The GMC motorhome made the great American vacation everything it could be and more. Of course every good product isn't perfect. The GMC motorhome wasn't an exception. Since the early versions are now classics they share some of the maladies of the classic car. The big one is of course the horrible radio. When you have all that space that is inside the motorhome you need a radio that has some serious power behind it and you can find one at Vintage Car Radio. The radios from Ken Harrison will light up your GMC motorhome like the nightly campfire. Ken Harrison radios are built to be as tough as your motorhome. So head over to Vintage Car Radio and get one today.