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There once was a time that the only 'off-roading' vehicle you could buy was the Jeep and when I say Jeep I'm not talking about the JK's that are way more car then truck. I'm talking about the type of Jeep that were direct descendants of their WWII brethren. They were rugged and really bare bones vehicles. Then Ford came along with the Bronco in 1966 with their answer to the Jeep and it was a hit right off the bat. They were really simple and came with something the Jeep didn't get till much later, a V8. Along with the great look, the foundation was just as built as the topside. Basically they had half ton axles in a quarter ton frame, which meant one burly truck. The Ford Bronco also was one of the first four by fours that came with coil sprung front suspensions, which meant for a better ride on the road and great flex off-road. They competed in the Baja races from very early on and dominated like no other. The original lasted from '66 till '77 before it was upsized and continued on and sold millions and millions of copies. The one thing the Ford Bronco did not come with was a very good sound system. I mean it was really lacking, it was hard to build a radio that could withstand the punishment of running through the whoops and mud. The people at Custom Autosound have figured that all out and made it so easy for you to get good tunes in your Bronco. They build radio systems that are rugged enough to cope with the rigors of 'wheelin and not only that they are brand new radios built with modern technology and all the electronic gadgets that can take you into the 21st Century.