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Ken Harrison

Way back when cars were just getting a foot hold in the nations minds, cars were still a novelty. People were still relying on the horse and buggy as their main mode of transportation. But once the automobile got a hold of people, it never let go. Early on the cars looked more like a wagon but just bigger in size. The manufacturers realized that they could build larger cars since they had more horsepower to pull them around. Packard was one of those auto companies that took advantage of the big engines and built some rather large cars. They were stylish and sleek, smooth and unique. They were some of the coolest built cars in the world. Packard engines were also well renowned for the sheer grunt they produced. They could pull not just your house but your neighbors house as well. Of course they would do it in style as well. Early on automobiles tried to emulate what was in your house, with comfy seats and sometimes even curtains but since the radio really wasn't being used yet, they didn't bother. Then the radio became more popular and soon it was in the car too. The problem was the Packard as well as other vehicles just didn't have the technology yet to produce a good radio. So what happens if you own a Packard and really want to listen to some good music? You head on over to Vintage Car Radio and get a look at Ken Harrison radios. Ken Harrison radios are built to the highest standards and use parts of the highest quality to ensure your radio outlasts your car. The sound you get from a Ken Harrison radio is quite nice. The digital signal is pure and clean. So move on over to Vintage Car Radio and start jamming to a Ken Harrison radio.