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Ken Harrison

In early America people traveled through the country on horse and buggy. There really wasn't any roads at the time, just some rocky, muddy trails. It took a certain type of people to be able traverse these conditions and make it out alive. Then Ford came out with the Model T and things began to change. People could go further quicker while keeping out of the weather better. Soon the roads got better, the cars got better and going off the beaten trail was not necessary. But no matter how civilized the country got there will always be the type of person that still wants to go down the road less traveled. Ford saw the opportunity and thus the Bronco was born. The Ford Bronco was a more refined answer to the Jeep. It had a removable hardtop and burly axles. It was just the right size for the trail or the town. It could take you deep into the woods or for a night out on the town. The Ford Bronco was a near perfect off and on road vehicle. As good as the Bronco was on the trail, it still had its downfalls. The mileage wasn't that great and the ride on the road wasn't the best but it was still a great vehicle but it did have the classic car problem. The radio was just horrible. The reception was bad and there wasn't any power at all. You basically had to just listen to the hum of the tires. So what can you do about it now? You head over to Vintage Car Radio and take a look at the line of Ken Harrison Radios. Ken Harrison radios are built with the best parts available and the sound is amazing. So get to Vintage Car Radio and get yourself a Ken Harrison radio.