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If you think the first muscle car was the Mustang you're very wrong. Very, very wrong. Sure the Mustang captured the hearts of America but it just had a lowly little V8 that didn't produce much at all. The first real muscle car was the Pontiac GTO. It was a mid-sized car with a really big engine and it had the looks to back it up. It literally started a whole new change in the way the big three made cars. No longer were there big engines in big cars, now there were big engines in small cars which made a whole world of difference. The horsepower wars were on! Every big manufacturer started putting their biggest engine in any car that would fit and not only that the horsepower numbers really started to go up. It used to be two hundred horsepower was a lot, then three hundred, then four hundred, etc. But let’s be honest the actual numbers were way more than the advertised numbers from the factories. The numbers were kept down because of insurance companies driving the rates up and some of the classes in drag racing were based off the horsepower numbers. So the lower the number the lower the class the car could run in and your car would then dominate the class. The GTO went on to capture the imagination of the go fast public. From its early days right up until the Judge in the early '70s the GTO was on the tips of every car lovers lips.


Now I'm going to say this one more time, early radios sucked. They had no power, bad reception and by today's standards lacked any kind of modern hookups for MP3 players or CD players. Custom Autosound can fix all your needs. They can make your GTO get its tiger really going.