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Jeep, jeep or JEEP, doesn't matter how you type it, they are all cool. Whether it’s military or civilian, the Jeep is such an iconic name that any small, topless four by four is called a Jeep, much to the dismay of the owner. The Jeep actually started off life as simple vehicle that could be used in war times and it did to perfection. Ask any veteran and they'll swear by the little green hot rod. It ran through jungles and all over sand dunes across the world. Not only did it save lives, it kept going on after the war(s). Farmers and hunters realized that with the little Jeep they could get out farther into the countryside. Just like the veterans found out you could anywhere in a Jeep. Its small size and light weight made it extremely maneuverable and better yet easy to work on when it did break down. But the Jeep crossed over to the truck and SUV market with the J trucks and the Waggoner/Cherokee. People became very strongly attached to the Jeep brand. Jeep clubs have sprung up all around the world with thousands and thousands of owners building their Jeeps up to take on the rigors of off roading, while some just enjoy riding with the top down and doing some light trail riding. Some even just enjoy the ability to get through winter with less worries of getting suck. The aftermarket has taken off with the popularity of the Jeep itself. You can buy literally everything to build a Jeep from scratch, from the body to the frame to whatever else you might need.


But let’s be serious you need tunes with your Jeep and Custom Autosound can make that dream happen. They have everything you need to make your Jeep sing!