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Ken Harrison

  • KHE-300-USB for 1968-69 Lemans with bluetooth

    KHE-300-USB for 1968-69 Lemans with bluetooth

    KHE-300-USB for 1968-69 LeMans   If you have a 1968 to 1969 Pontiac LeMans and are looking for a new radio to install in your car that still has that same authentic look as the one that originally came with your car, look no further. At Vintage Car...

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  • KHE-300-USB with bluetooth 31

    KHE-300-USB with bluetooth 31

    KHE-300-USB    Are you looking for a new radio for your classic Pontiac Lemans but don't want to take away from your car's original, factory look? No problem! At Vintage Car Radio, they have just what you need! The company has been selling...

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Everyone growing up wants the big name cars. Whether it was the GTO or the Camaro or the Mustang, those cars had that flash and glitz that really caught the eye of the general public. They screamed look at me. A lot of people like that and want to be looked at while they drive their car but some people just want a clean, simple car that could still rattle you when you drove but did so in understated way. The Pontiac Lemans was one of those cars. Its big brother the GTO always stole the limelight with its extremely bright colors and crazy graphics. The Pontiac Lemans did its business below the radar. It packed the same punch as the obnoxious GTO but did it with some flair and class. It was powered by anything from the small V8 to the big block that packed a whole bunch of power. It drove like a dream and did everything you could ask from a car. Go to school, go to work, go out on a night on the town, the Pontiac