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So you want a truck because you need to haul something and you need a car because you need to haul yourself, so what do you do if you need both? Well Ford had the same questions and had a pretty good answer and they called it the Ranchero. It was half car, half truck and all cool. The Ranchero came about to fill the need stated above. It was based more off a car than a truck so it rode really nice but if you needed to haul a trailer or load something in the back you were good to go. One of the nice things about the Ranchero being based on a car was that parts were cheap and already built up so that kept costs down, not to mention the ride was just as nice as the Fairlane it was built off. The Ranchero was an instant hit and most people still want it to come back. Now even though the Ranchero was built from a car first, truck second, the stock radio was still pretty bad. I mean if you wanted to listen to the stereo you got luck if you could pick up a station if you did the sound quality was pretty lousy, unless you enjoyed static. So what do you now if you have an old classic Ranchero? You get yourself to Vintage Car Radio and check out all there Ranchero stereo needs. They carry the latest and greatest in vintage radios made specifically for your Ranchero from the likes of Antique Automobile Radio, Custom Autosound, Ken Harrison, Out of Sight Audio, RediRad and Stereo Conversion. All of these radios come ready to install and with no cutting of your dash means you're ready to run faster. So get to Vintage Car Radio and make your Ranchero sing.