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Toyota Celica

The classic Toyota Celica is a car that always draws attention wherever it goes.  It features a classic sporty look that is super attractive and unique. Besides its amazing look, the classic Toyota Celica is the epitome of reliability. It is thus a great choice for people who are looking for a classic car that delivers great performance and is also easy to maintain.

The Toyota Celica is a very popular classic car in the United States. This classic car is loved by many because of its powerful and reliable 2.2-liter engine. The power figures of this engine are 180 horsepower and 300 N/m of torque which is pretty impressive, especially for a classic car. It also features a 5-speed manual transmission which makes driving even more enjoyable. The driving thrill of this classic car is simply amazing. You can drive it the whole day without getting bored because of its great speed, power, and razor-sharp handling.

The four-cylinder engine that this vintage car is equipped with is fuel efficient and super reliable. You can use it on a daily basis, and it will not develop any major mechanical problems.  Most people refer to this car engine as bulletproof because of its reliability. Maintenance is also easy and cost-friendly. Most mechanics can fix this classic car with ease.

Another unique selling point of the classic Toyota Celica is its classy interior design. It's a simple but detailed dashboard that features a wooden finish that can last for a long time if well-maintained. The seats are also very comfortable.

Toyota is known for manufacturing reliable cars and that is exactly what they have done on the classic Toyota Celica. It is indeed a great classic car to choose if you are looking for power, sturdiness, reliability, ease of maintenance, fuel efficiency, and great handling.