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The Chevy Caprice was one of those cars that fell between the cracks. It wasn't a high performance car and it wasn't a full on cruiser but it was a bit of both and that's what made it special. You could order it in two door, four door or even the great station wagon. It was one of the most versatile cars ever built. Chevrolet knew that there was a niche that was wide open and they knew how to fill it. They had small cars and big cars but it was the mid-size class that was wide open. So Chevrolet introduced the Caprice and it was an immediate hit. People really liked the not too big, not too little size, it could fit the small or big family. The other great thing about the Caprice was since it was a Chevrolet it was also dependable and parts were cheap. You could pick up parts at any parts store no matter where lived. Chevrolet is considered by some to be Americas manufacturer. Even though the Chevrolet was an incredibly well built car it could always use an improvement. Chevrolet built some of the finest cars ever but the radios, well they could use some help. Vintage Car Radio knows whats wrong with the stock radios and can put you into some of the finest systems in the industry. They have some of the leaders in the classic car radio manufacturers such as Custom Autosound, Ken Harrison, Radio Repro, RediRad, Stereo Conversion and Out of Sight Radio. These radios are top of the line and install with ease and did I mention the amazing sound? You will not believe how your favorite songs will sound. Vintage Car Radio can give you expert advice and will not let you down. Your Caprice will thank you for it.