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Ken Harrison

Everyone knows Ford and Chevrolet. They are considered the big boys of American auto manufacturers. Sadly Chrysler is slightly forgotten and that's just not right. They have made some of the great cars of our time from the early 1900's and on and on. Chrysler consisted of Dodge and Plymouth and boy did they make some great cars. Without Chrysler you wouldn't have the glorious Challenger, the Barracuda, the Dart and so no. In the '50s Chrysler built some of the great big cars of the decade. They were huge and powered by the early version of the Hemi. They had style to spare and rode like a dream. Then in the '60s Chrysler became all about the muscle. As the Hemi evolved and the other big blocks of the family Dodge and Plymouth dominated in all forms of racing especially drag racing. They ran amok through all the classes and the Hemi style is still used in the big classes like Top Fuel and Funny Car. Now even though Chrysler cars were considered top of the heap they even had their problems. The beautiful lines and the big power was no match for the really bad radios. No matter how fast you're going or how much fun you're having cruising the streets you really need a good radio. Now where can you find a radio for your classic Chrysler? Vintage Car Radio has the best radios for your classic and one of the best is Ken Harrison. Ken Harrison radios are considered some of the best in the business and are built with the highest quality parts that ensure you get the best sound at the best price. Ken Harrison radios are built to install with minimal hassle and that means more time on the road and less time working on your classic.