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Ken Harrison

There are a lot of manufacturers in the history of the automobile but not can rival the innovation and influence of Ford. The Ford Motor Company has built so many iconic cars its really hard to fathom. Basically Ford created what is now known as the modern automobile. It all started off with the Model T. It was built as a cheap easier to use alternative to the horse and buggy. Not to mention you could go a lot farther with a lot less of a hassle. It just made life easier to get around town and made the world a smaller place by making it simpler to get from town to town. The Model T was very simple and through the years Ford built on the basic design with the Model A, then the iconic hot rod the '32 Ford. The '32 Ford is considered the most beautiful car of all time. Then when the hot rod community got a hold of it the '32 became legend and now known as the Deuce. There isn't a hot rodder in the world that doesn't want a '32 Ford whether it is the roadster, coupe or sedan you want a Deuce. Through the years Ford went on to produce classics like the Mustang, the Falcon and the Bronco. Ford is still one of the largest, if not the largest, most respected manufacturer in the world. Now with millions of Model T's and A's being built its a good possibility that you have one in your garage or you want one in your garage. But there is one problem with the early classic Fords and that's with the radios. So what can you do? You can head over to Vintage Car Radio and checkout the line of Ken Harrison Radios. Ken Harrison radios are the perfect fit for your classic Ford.