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The Chevrolet Impala is one of those iconic cars that everyone either had one or knew someone who did. The Chevrolet Impala had every style also, you could get a sedan, a wagon, a four door whatever you needed the Chevrolet Impala gave it back. The Impala was everywhere, the city, the suburbs, the country, like I said, everywhere. The Chevrolet Impala was a perfect family car. It was big enough for the kids, big enough for a grocery run but not so big that you couldn't do a casual trip to the restaurant. The single greatest thing about the Chevrolet Impala was it was also a dragstrip terror. Sure it was a big car but it got Chevrolet's first 'big-block' engine, the three forty eight. It was called the W motor because of the shape of the valve covers. It was just a 'truck' motor at first but when Chevrolet installed it in the Impala it really took off. Soon enough Chevrolet made the W motor into the vaunted 409 and the other manufacturers took note and soon the big block wars were on. In the right hands a 409 equipped Impala was a monster machine and set records all over the US. But even while the strips were shaking the streets were scraping when the '63 model came out and the lowrider crowd got a hold of it. Soon Impala's were bouncing down the boulevards and hanging out at cruises everywhere.


Now that the Impala had the engines and the looks all it really needed was a proper sound system and Custom Autosound has the system for you! Every radio comes with easy instructions and is so easy to install it's almost scary. Not only is it simple, you get unbelievable sound. You'll think that the band is right in the car with you!