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Ken Harrison

The Buick Electra is one of those cars that is sometimes forgotten in the long line of classic cars. Some cars like the Ferrari are remembered because of the speed or the Italian sexiness. Some cars like the Camaro are remembered for there brutal power and ability to be a powerhouse on the street and the strip. Some cars like the Cadillac were known for the ability to cruise in style. Some classics are even trucks and they are know to be able to haul and work everywhere. Then you had the Buick Electra who could kind of do it all. It had the long wheelbase that made the ride nice and easy, it had the looks that made it a real nice cruiser that could catch your eye and make people take notice. It also had some power under the hood that take the other hot rods take notice. Now even though the Buick Electra was an extremely versatile vehicle it still is a little unnoticed in the classic car world. That is a sad thing since the Buick Electra has so much to offer. It was a car that needs just a little attention to make it really jump off the page. Now the one thing it did lack, like a lot of classic cars, was a bad radio. It was just horrible piece of equipment. So what can you do? You get over to Vintage Car Radio and have a look at the long line of Ken Harrison radios. Ken Harrison radios are built with the best parts and the highest standards in the classic car industry. The sound is unbelievable and the installation is a breeze. So if you want your Buick Electra to really rock get over to Vintage Car Radio and pick yourself up a Ken Harrison radio.