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The Esprit was built by Lotus between 1976 and 2004 and let’s be honest; it was quite the 'Ferrari-esque' design. It was a rear engine chassis with a very clean classic sports car look. The Lotus Esprit was everything you'd ever want in a cool little sports car, you got your manual transmission (like there is any other), sexy side by side seating and you could get it in any color in the rainbow. The Esprit got a lot of its speed by using lightweight fiberglass for the body and weight conscious components everywhere else which helped the little inline four cylinder not have to work as hard. The top speeds weren't as eye popping as the Lambo's and Ferrari's but the Esprit was just a blast to drive around tight corners and take your significant other for a night on the town. The Lotus Esprit was a top notch British sport car that should have stuck with us for longer than it did. Long live the Esprit.


Now that you're having fun with your Lotus Esprit you found out you have one small problem. Your radio sucks! I mean it's tinny and crackly and just ruins your fun driving. So what should you do? Go to the good folks at Custom Autosound and get your tunes on! The boys and girls at Custom Autosound know how put a sound system together for Esprit. Their radios install so easy a baby could do it and they wouldn't have to cut up your original dash either (which is good because babies shouldn't work with power tools). That's not to mention everything about a Custom Autosound radio and speaker system is so modern that it actually may be ahead of its time. Every modern doodad hooks up and is ready to play in no time.