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Ken Harrison

Everyone at one time or the other has imagined owning or driving a sports car. I mean driving the family mini-van or SUV everyday can be quite boring. Sure it gets the kids to school, you to work or to Grandma's house but come on the excitement level is basically zero. You've seen them in the movies, the way they the people who are driving them seem like they are in heaven. The smile on their face is ten miles wide and nothing could be better. Well I don't know if actually driving an Austin Healy will make you feel the same way but it sure beats a mini-van. The Austin Healy is renowned around the globe as a world class sports car. It handles like a sports car should and looks like a sports car should. It's low and sleek but with an attitude that is hard to deny. So I'm thinking everyone should have an Austin Healy in their garage. Its good for the soul. But like all classic cars, whether its a sports car, truck or old hot rod you need a good tune to help out when you cruise. I mean nothing beats a good song when you're out on the road having a good time. So what can you do you if you have a classic with a not so classic sound system? You get over to Vintage Car Radio and checkout the great radios from Ken Harrison. Ken Harrison makes the best stereos for your Austin Healy. They are built specifically to fit your Austin Healy so that means installation will go smoothly and you can be out on the road which is way more fun. The sound will make your jaw drop and the technology is top notch. So get over to Vintage Car Radio and give a listen to Ken Harrison. You'll be glad you did.