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The Aurora Design BT-1 was designed with the thought of using your existing AM/FM receiver. That means no cords or anything to connect with or get in the way. When a call comes in it the radio mutes and the call comes in. That means no fumbling with different knobs to get your call right and taking away your sights on the road. Aurora Designs Stereo Conversion BTU-1 Bluetooth/USB/MP3 Adapter can take the classic car radio and make it more modern. It doesn't need any adapters or other stupid things that will get all tangled up. The BTU-1 has a fully integrated Bluetooth/USB/MP3 solution that will bring your classic car up to the new century. The great thing about the BTU-1 is that it uses the original radio controls and that means keeping your beautiful dash in one piece. The BTU-1 interfaces with your original radio with no problems at all. It also means you don't have to go buy some second rate stereo from the local stop and shop. Now the problem you have is if you own a classic car but really don't want to lose the look and originality of factory radio but still want the joys of FM radio? You get yourself the Aurora Design FMC-1. The FMC-1 can make any AM radio able to receive FM stations and also provide auxiliary inputs for MP3 players, satellite radio and numerous other cool features. So with the FMC-1 you can have the best of both worlds, AM and FM. Aurora Designs has brought the classic car radio into the new century with its FMR-1 AM/FM Receiver. Through the use of far too hard to imagine complex math equations and a custom Real Time Operating System or RTOS, the FMR-1 offers high levels of both features and performance. The FMR-1 works with any classic car tuner (inductive, capacitive and resistive). The FMR-1 offers the smoothest and the most precise tuning that rivals the best analog tuners available. Installation time is si short you'll have more time to cruise since the FMR-1 adapts to just about any radio ever made from the 1930’s thru the 1980’s. Well someone built something even better. Now with your phone or player you could store thousands upon thousands of songs or albums and take them anywhere with a USB drive. The USB drive or flash /thumb drive can be loaded up with songs, audios books, podcast's etc. and stored on your phone or media player and boom you don't have to worry about leaving anyone behind. Aurora Designs lets you use whatever storage device you want and easily plug and play with the USB-1 device. Now you can have your cake and eat it too.