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Ken Harrison

The Pontiac Gran Prix was one of the unsung heroes in the Pontiac line up let alone the muscle car era. When you had the GTO and the Trans Am, the Pontiac Gran Prix had an uphill battle to fight. The Pontiac Gran Prix had unique lines and some awesome muscle under the hood. It was considered a dual purpose street machine. It could serve as your daily driver, getting you to and from work, or picking the kids up from school and do it with ease. Then on Saturday night you could go cruising for some action on the boulevard. That was the great thing about the Pontiac Gran Prix, it could do it all and never have a problem with any of it. You could pick up your grandma and take her to church on Sunday then wave goodbye and head out to the dragstrip and see what kind of embarrassment you could cause to the Camaros and Mustangs. The Pontiac Gran Prix was one fine automobile. Now even though the Pontiac Gran Prix was a major player in the muscle car scene it did have a few problems. One of the bigger areas of concern was the radio. Most classic cars have this same problem and the Pontiac Gran Prix was no exception. If you have a Gran Prix now and you want it to really shine you need to get over to Vintage Car Radio and take a look at the great line of radios from Ken Harrison. Ken Harrison radios are built with care and attention to detail and that attention to detail makes a Ken Harrison radio what it is and that is a killer sound system. The sound is unbelievable and the radio will last a life time. So get yourself over to Vintage Car Radio and get yourself a Ken Harrison radio.