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The Falcon was one of Fords first foray into an everyday driver that looked nice, rode nice and got good mileage. The nice thing about the Falcon was it looked good doing it. A lot of so called 'compact' cars looked goofy. The manufacturer cut corners in making it fuel efficient and looks came in second place but with the Falcon, Ford actually took the time to make it visually appealing to the public. To top it off, it was fun to drive. It was a small to midsized car so it handled well and its size also made it good on mileage due to its lightweight. Of course the drag races noticed it as well due its lightweight. So they would throw in bigger and better engines in it and hit the tracks. A lot of them got straight axles, bigger rear ends and slicks to beat all comers. But what if you didn't want to race or just commute to and from work or the store? What if you really wanted to enjoy yourself while you did these things? What you really needed was a nice radio because the stock unit wasn't going to do it at all. It barely came in and had no power whatsoever. So what should you do now? You contact the good folks at Vintage Car Radio and have them set you up with a great new sound system. They have the knowledge as well as the products you need to make your Falcon come alive. They have the top producers of radios for classic cars like Antique Automobile Radio, Custom Autosound, Ken Harrison, Out of Sight Audio, RediRad and Stereo Conversion. All of these companies have great sounding systems as well as easy to install radios that make your life easier and better.