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Ford wanted a 'classy' branch of the family so the Lincoln was birthed. The Lincoln was the upper class Ford that catered to the money people. The Lincoln brand always had that little extra touch or refinement that set it off from the other cars of the day. They always had a low and lean look that just shouted, I know who I am and I'm proud of it. These were the cars that you wanted to cruise the local strip and be seen in. They were always the smoothest riding vehicle that came from Ford and always had the latest technology available. They usually carried the biggest engines because they weighed way more than the average car. These were what most people called barges because of their size but the sheer weight of them made the Lincoln ride even easier. The Lincoln was and is one of the classiest cars on the road. So sure, the Lincoln carried the latest and greatest gadgets that Ford could deliver but it didn't carry everything. The Lincoln was something you wanted to spend time in so you wanted it to be comfortable and the Lincoln was but it did have one shortcoming and that would be the radio. Like most classics of the day the technology just wasn't there to make a great sound system so what do you know? You head over to Vintage Car Radio and take a look at all the spectacular stereos that are built just for your Lincoln. They carry the best brands in the industry like Custom Autosound, Ken Harrison, RediRad, Out of Sight Audio and Stereo Conversion. These radios are built to simply bolt into your Lincoln with no fuss whatsoever. The sound is amazing and the price you cannot beat. So get to Vintage Car Radio for all your Lincoln needs.