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Ken Harrison

The Studebaker company of South Bend, IN was one of the great automobile companies of the 20th Century. The cars were never built to be like anything but a Studebaker. Studebaker never followed trends, they were always at the forefront of modern technology. The design team at Studebaker's really knew how to make a car or truck stand out. They didn't just add on fins and chrome to make their vehicles follow the leader. Power was another thing that Studebaker knew how to do well. They could build serious power without sacrificing durability. The Studebaker was long known for its ability to travel across country with nary a problem and they were doing it back in the early '30s when roads weren't exactly smooth. Studebaker also knew how to get good mileage out of their vehicles. Families loved that because it saved them money. The Studebaker truck was also known for its ability to haul just about anything. Simple towing or moving, the Studebaker truck was built like a battleship. But just because Studebaker was building great cars and trucks and just because they knew how to make modern technology work for them doesn't mean they knew anything about radio systems. To say the Studebaker stereo was bad was an understatement. It was plain awful. From the sound to the power, it was just better to leave it off. So what can you do if you own a Studebaker yet want to be able to jam to some tunes? You move yourself on over to Vintage Car Radio and take a look at the great line of Ken Harrison radios. Ken Harrison radios are built much like the Studebaker was. Ken Harrison radios use modern technology to give you crystal clear sound and ease of installment which means you're on the road instead of in the garage. Get a Ken Harrison radio today.